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One-on-One Coaching

Want to grow faster as a trader, speed up your progress within the forex markets or simply enhance your skills? Just start a personal mentorship and reap the benefits.


Educational platform

Our education platform, available to all our clients, contains tons of educational video’s about the TFD strategy and all skillsets required to turn your journey into an observable success.


TFD Community

Together with 250 traders (and counting…), we created a valuable community. What binds us? The will to become a profitable, consistent trader.



Being a client of The Forex Dictionary, you’ll participate in exclusive TFD Bootcamps where you and likeminded individuals come together to share experiences and sharpen your skills.

Community and Environment

Built on a thriving Community

“Surround yourself with 5 idiots and you’ll probably end up being the 6th one. Surround yourself with 5 successful individuals... you’ll likely end up being the 6th one as well.”

At The Forex Dictionary, we find this infamous saying to make a lot of sense. That‘s exactly why we started a vast community with more than 250 traders, all devoted to becoming a profitable and consistent trader, just like you.

More About Us
Educational Platform

Member Dashboard

Hover over the dashboard to learn more about the topics.



Learn about the TFD Strategy and how to apply it.


TFD Tools

Use our unique TFD Tools to support your journey and simply the tracking of your trading.


Team Training

Join the weekly team training with exclusive content.


Live Calls

Review each live call from your preferred mentor.


Monthly in-person
bootcamps and meetups

Our monthly boot camps are where our community-centered and personal approach truly comes together.

Nothing beats boosting your knowledge, expanding your network and solidifying your successes by sharing all our insights face to face.

our 1-1 coaching

10 Mentors 1 Mission

Nothing paves the way to success more effectively than driven professionals, sharing a common goal. Each team member at TFD is sincerely committed to positively changing as many lives as possible.

How we achieve this? By devotedly building our community. How we truly make a difference? Our most accessible, personal approach. Each mentor has his own specific assets for you to learn from!

Become A Member

Start to execute the markets with confidence and clarity.

  • Access to TFD community
  • Access to video-course
  • TFD E-Book
  • 1 coaching call/week
  • TFD Trading Plan
  • Access to TFD bootcamps
  • 1 sit-down/quarter
  • Many More!

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