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Sunday Market Breakdown

Every Sunday, we upload a video in which we give our opinion on which pairs might be interesting for the upcoming week.

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Guidance & Education

Within our online series we have more than 120 hours of content in which we explain the TFD-strategy extensively so you have a profound understanding of the markets. Our TFD mentors will…

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1-1 Mentorship

Whether you want to grow faster, fast forward your progress within the forex markets or you simply want to fine-tune your skills, you have the possibility to start a personal mentorship…

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By Traders, For Traders

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“If you surround yourself with 5 idiots, you’ll probably be the 6th. If you surround yourself with 5 successful people, you’ll also probably be the 6th.”

At The Forex Dictionary we are very aware of this infamous saying. We have created a community with more than 250 traders. These people are on the same mission as you, becoming a profitable, consistent trader!



We are very proud to say that last year we have created a total of 20 full-time traders. You will be surrounded by these professionals in the TFD community where you will be able to ask them all your questions and remarks and they will be more than happy to help you. Will you become the 21st? 

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Our Why

The main reason why we have launched The Forex Dictionary is to provide transparency within the Forex industry. This is our ‘WHY’, launching people in their story called life. We want to see people succeed, not just in terms of trading, but life in general. To prosper in life you’ll need financial education and that’s why we’re here for. You have certainly encountered different forex pages with countless indicators and tools and you had no idea how those so-called strategies work. Well, we want to avoid these types of scenarios at all times. 

We keep our strategy simple and efficient.

We want to share this knowledge with a genuine, likeminded community. Why? Because success tastes better when it is shared and we believe that a healthy community can fast forward your progress. 

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