How to enjoy the trading journey?

Hello everyone!

Every now and then I see a message in our community: “I am learning, but I still can’t take winning trades individually” … “I am doing something wrong, what can I do better, why is this happening?” are all questions one then asks. Let us clarify once and for all. Other than forcing the process, you are not doing anything wrong.

It is what it is, we are talking about a skill set called Forex trading, not about selling balloons. A skill that banks and institutions use to make trillions, a skill in which George Soros (The man who broke the bank of England) made 1 Billion Euro in 1 day in 1992. We are talking about 1 individual who has killed the entire banking system in England with Forex trading. This happened on Wednesday September 16, 1992, now better known as “Black Wednesday”. This is to give you an example of how powerful and how much impact this skillset really has.

If this skillset was easy, everyone would do it. And for me personally, this is the nice thing about it, having mastered a skillset that hardly anyone even knows about. I always want to distinguish myself from the rest. If everyone goes to Dubai on vacation, I will go to Costa -Rica, if everyone goes to sleep late, I will get up early, if everyone goes out, I will spend my time useful and invest in myself. Success is fairly easy to achieve with one little secret: “analyze what 95% of people do and do the exact opposite!”.

If you ever feel lost during your process, remember this: “You are unique, you are learning something that will set you apart from everything else.”

I’ve studied the markets for about 3 years before I mastered this skillset. A few years ago there was only a very small range of online Forex education available. There were some Forex schools in Belgium, but they were far too expensive for me personally. Well, I had found some affordable online education anyway, but to be honest, I hadn’t gotten much wiser.

Hours of poor education became weeks and weeks became months. At some point in my process, I was completely done with Forex. I had no one to talk to, no mentor, no community, literally no one. I also couldn’t go to my mother because she simply thought I was addicted to an “online video game”.

After a few weeks I became clear again and I could rationally review the situation. I asked myself the questions: “What went so wrong in the process? Have I wasted too much energy on external factors? How come I had so many frustrations? “.

After writing all my feelings in my journal, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t enjoy trading Forex because I forced the process too much. I compared it (still today) to ‘flirting’ with a lady. The more you force the “flirting process”, the more the lady will push you away from her. If you make the process fun, you go to the cinema, you occasionally go to dinner together, you get to know the lady better, you laugh, in other words you let the process run very relaxed, without forcing anything. The lady in question will get a craving for you, she will come to you more and more. This is exactly the same with Forex, the more you will force the learning process, the more you will ruin it.

Treat the market like a lady (in my case haha!). Do fun things with her. Create a fun routine for yourself. Wake up, take a shower, drink a coffee and do some chart work, check out the market, predict what might happen today. If your predictions come true, that’s nice, if they don’t come true, you’ve learned a lesson. Always keep talking positively to yourself, pay attention to your choice of words! In the evening, backtest for 45 minutes, put on your headphones, put on a nice beat and before you know it, those 45 minutes are over! View the online content at, go through the trade recaps, take notes. Simply, make it fun!

What helped me a lot in the beginning of my process is working in short blocks of 20-30 minutes. It is much better to focus briefly and intensively, instead of staring at your screen for 2 hours!

To give you a perspective. It took me 3 years to get to a solid level without any real education. You already have all the necessary education right in front of you! Everything you will find on TFD can (if you really want) make you a great trader! And some people in the community have proven this, 2-3 months of hard work can do magical things with your process that you never thought was possible!

There will always be “bad” moments in your process, which is normal, it should be, otherwise you will not appreciate your wins! If you are in such a “bad” moment, think of the long-term vision. You are learning a skillset that will make you unique and possibly give you financial freedom!

And remember, “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

Armani-Rochas Decock

The Forex Dictionary Team

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