Sunday Market Breakdown

Every Sunday, we upload a video in which we give our opinion on which pairs might be
interesting for the upcoming week.

With this SMB, we give an insight on how we operate our strategy. This allows our clients to
further develop their personal analysis.
Doing this sets us apart from other platforms. In fact, we do this week in and week out!

Remember that this video is purely educational and is not financial advice!

Guidance & Education

Within our online series you’ll find more than 120 hours of content in which we explain the TFD-strategy extensively so you have a profound understanding of the markets. Of course you also want to apply this strategy in practice, our mentors will guide you in this process. 



1-1 Mentorship

Whether you want to grow faster, fast forward your progress within the forex markets or you simply want to fine-tune your skills, you have the possibility to start a personal mentorship program with one of our TFD mentors and founders.

Weassist, inspire, supportyou

Finding a trading strategy on your own can be very difficult, exhausting and frustrating at times. Like everything else in life it’s more efficient to learn from someone else’s experiences, their mistakes and most importantly, their habits that made them successful. Nobody wants to waste their time, particularly when hard-earned money is involved. This is why we have created an efficient trading system that will keep you compatible, constitutive and most importantly, accountable at all times! 

Our guidance comes from the continuous weekly team calls, reliable content and personal approach. These are some of the aspects that really have a positive influence on the learning of individuals who are part of the greater TFD community.

Built on apowerful,thriving,supportive community

The ultimate aim for us is to shape you into a consistent and independent full-time trader. We are very proud to say that we’ve mentored and produced 20 full-time traders in 2020, with a greater aim of influencing more traders each year.

You will be surrounded by these professionals who are constantly guiding and eager to support those who are new to our community. Are you ready to become the 21st?

Guided bydefined,experienced,consistent,motivated mentors

If you want to learn something properly, you will need guidance and it’s no different from trading. Our mentors will be there to provide you with the required steps and they will help you in any area possible.

A mentor is not only a teacher or a guide, he’s also your companion. Every single one of the TFD-mentors is truly experienced within the markets and they will always be present throughout your learning process. They will be the person you can rely on, you will be supported by them during every step of your trading journey.

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Start to execute the markets with confidence and clarity.

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