The History & Future of TFD!

Hello everyone!

Since The Forex Dictionary has only been ‘officially’ since the end of January, many of you don’t know what the history and future plans of The Forex Dictionary are! This is what I want to talk to you about today, we want you to be part of our story so we think this is a good time to share it with you!

Mid-June 2019, I was living in the center of Bruges at the time. One day I was charting, it was a slow week. And I was briefly reflecting on my personal trading journey.

What I went through, the times where I gave up on Forex because I didn’t find a good education and a like-minded community where I could share my emotions and struggles with!

I started to wonder how it took me a few years before I became a constant profitable trader. How could I have accelerated this process? And an even more important question I asked myself at the time, how could I have made this process more pleasant?

These questions haunted my head for a few days and I started to get this strange feeling that other people are feeling ‘bad’ right now, the same as I was feeling back then!

I wanted and would change this in the near future. People don’t deserve to feel lost in their passion. I started thinking how to make a positive impact on this ‘ugly’ Forex industry. I call this an ugly industry, because there are a lot of shit courses on the market and so many people spend their hard earned money for 0.0 useful information.

The longer I let this thought haunt my head, the more I got the feeling that I was responsible that some people were frustrated in their trading journey. I unconsciously started to impose a sense of responsibility on myself, I had to be the person who will have a positive impact in this industry.

This sense of responsibility made me act / think positively. Shortly after that, I created an Instagram page where I gave general trading information and mindset tips to my followers!

I wanted and would become the place where traders could get all the information. From the absolute basics, to the advanced information, from trading psychology to motivational blogs. Therefore also the name ‘The Forex Dictionary’.

Once I found the name, I wanted to have a nice, simple logo! I had sent about 20 people on Fiverr to ask if they would like to make a small sample for free. This was a small test to see who has the same mindset as me and who doesn’t. I only want to work with people who give and not just take!

As expected, hardly anyone had answered this question, except 1 person, A.M. He asked me a little bit more information about the sample and got to work! A few hours later he sent it to me, it looked good! We continued working and I gave him some more details, colors, slogan etc. Once he finished the samples (6) I chose one that would eventually become the profile picture of The Forex Dictionary.

One of the logo examples!

One of the logo examples!

June 20, 2019, the birth of the ‘unofficial’ TFD platform, my first Instagram post was a fact! As you can see in the description of this post, it is very clear what my purpose was with TFD, I did this almost completely anonymous at the time, hardly anyone knew that this page was mine!

The description of my first post!

The things I shared on my Instagram feed / stories were mainly trade set-ups. This is also why my Instagram account grew very quickly at the beginning, because the trade set-ups were very good. To give a few set-ups as an example: XAUUSD & GBPAUD LONG, these were positions where we have been involved for more than two months. This of course received the necessary attention on Instagram. Many people had heard of swing trading, but few people had never seen traders hold their positions so transparently for a long time. I had done this until about the end of August, until I was told by an accountant that this was extremely dangerous what I did, because I not only pushed through my charts, I also pushed my entry, stop loss and take profit data. This could be interpreted as financial advice and I could get a hefty fine for this. This is why I now only send charts and no more data!

This was the time when I was posting set-ups like these for free! This was XAUUSD in October, before flying to the Daily -27 wich 1 pip drawdown!

This was XAUUSD after our entry! Look at how precise the entry was, this move was forecasted 2 weeks before the initial entry

In the period when I still shared all my set-ups on IG, there were many people who sent me for private mentorship. I did not accept this offer because I was afraid to lose my personal focus on trading! I was afraid that I would focus too much on guiding traders instead of my own trading performance! The last two weeks I experienced this slightly with the Lockdown Challenge, my trading was less sharp than usual! But I am at peace with it, because I know that you have made enormous steps through this Challenge and this makes me happy! These last two weeks were also a learning process for me on how to better combine this in the future, and how to distribute my energy efficiently!

After a few weeks of stalking TFD, a young man from Ireland caught my attention! He wanted to control this strategy at all costs. This young man is now better known as the ‘first TFD student’ ever, Anthony Akinbile! I then personally guided him and he had made tremendous progress in the first month! His gratitude and respect for me gave me a huge boost! A while later, he said to me, “Look, I know a lot of people in Ireland who are currently stuck in their process. They are involved with moderate / weak education platforms. How about having a meet-up with these people in Dublin?” After thinking about this question for several days, I decided to do it!

In the meantime I had already given a few other people the opportunity to follow this course, these were the first 5 people who reacted on my IG-story! Now these 5 people are very valuable members of The Forex Dictionary!

24/11/2019 Dublin, Ireland. The first introduction of TFD to the ‘public’! This was the real test of seeing how ‘strangers’ will react to TFD, would it create a ‘WOW’ effect or not? It turned out to be a very successful event and many people wanted to learn the TFD strategy! Many people who were at the event were ‘lost’ in their trading journey at the time. It was a pity to see that many were lost, because everyone who sat in that room was very passionate about gaining knowledge! To give you an example of their passion, one of the people who was there, Ali, had traveled 4 hours to attend the event! Talking about determination! My goal was and still is, to get these ‘lost’ traders back on track and, ultimately, to make them independent traders!

The event in Ireland, meeting some incredible people!

After this event we decided to provide online education! We wanted to stand for an honest, transparent company. Not a Forex company that keeps all its ‘secrets’ or ‘strategies’ to itself. You will see 100% of my personal knowledge appear on the website and every day we will do our utmost to boost your level!

01/02/2020 Bruges, Belgium. A few days before February 1, we successfully registered The Forex Dictionary and obtained all necessary licenses to be able to give legal, financial education! This was very close to our event, everything was fine just in time, talking about a good timing! We didn’t know what to expect from our first ‘official’ event. The day of the event arrived, 50 people were present! This event showed us that transparent education was / is urgently needed in this industry! What struck us was that, just like in Ireland, many people were ‘lost’ in their journey, but still driven, this was beautiful to see, they kept talking passionate about their trading experiences! We want to stand for a motivated, respectful like-minded community that fully understands the nature of the market!

Our first official event in Bruges!

25/04/2020. A few months later since our ‘official’ start, the time has come to reflect on what has happened! We have received all kinds of people in our community, complete beginners who have never heard the word ‘Forex’, traders who were ‘lost’ in their journey and traders who already had experience in the market but just wanted to fine-tune their strategy! And the beauty of this diversity is, everyone can learn from each other. The complete beginner can ask questions to the more experienced trader, but it may just as well be that the complete beginner, with his / her completely unique view of the market, has seen something that the experienced trader has never paid attention to! That’s the beauty of the variety of traders in our community! But there is one thing that we all have in common, and this is the most important thing for me personally, we all make IMMENSE progress and help each other along the way!

Meet-up in Antwerp!

Now that we have looked at the past and the present, we can also take a quick look at the future plans of TFD.

Our plan for this year is to simply bring our existing community to an immensely high level of trading! This is our focus for the full year of 2020 and, if necessary, 2021! Not one person, not two persons, but we want everyone on this train, that’s why we are a community! We will do everything in our power, to make this happen and therefore we ask for your help too! If you notice that a fellow trader is a bit absent or feels a bit less lately (lesser moments cannot be excluded in a trading journey), send a small message whether this person wants a small chat or something. A small act like this, can be the spark for this person to be able to focus on his / her process again!

The purpose of TFD is to prepare traders like you for a job as a trader in an existing investment fund! But even better, and for this, we are currently looking at how we can implement this in the future (this will require a lot of capital / licenses), we are looking at creating a TFD investment fund in the near future, this is our ultimate goal! We would like to offer our own top students a job as a trader in our own existing investment fund!

Trying everything we can to get you on that next level of trading!

I hope this has given you clarity about the TFD story and what we are striving for, we will do our utmost to get all this cleared up! We can already promise you one thing, we will make you the best version as a trader!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this!

Armani Rochas Decock
The Forex Dictionary

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