From Beginner to Expert:
master Forex through professional guidance

Since 2019, The Forex Dictionary has been training beginners & people with prior knowledge to become experienced Forex traders. Our personal program is custom designed to teach theory & practice and to make it a part of your lifestyle.

Which Program is Suited for You?

The Forex Dictionary offers two programs: Group Mentorship and Leadership. Each program teaches you the essential Forex skills needed to achieve financial freedom. The programs differ in the degree of personal guidance and intensity. Which program is the best match for you?

Group Mentorship Program

The Group Mentorship program will provide you with all the necessary tools and knowledge to become a successful independent Forex trader. You will follow online classes and have a program coach to ensure your growth.

Included in This Program
  • Personal mentor
  • 2 calls per week: a call in a group & a team training 
  • Personal online dashboard
  • Access to the TFD Discord community
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Leadership Program

The Leadership program provides you with all the basic benefits of the Group Mentorship program, plus intensive personal coaching. Here you will focus on how to fit Forex trading into your busy lifestyle without making major sacrifices. 

Included in This Program
  • Mentor and personal coach (high intensity)
  • Access to live events
  • Live boot camps
  • Access to exclusive weekends
  • 2 calls per week: a call in a group & a team training
  • Personal online dashboard
  • Access to the TFD Discord community
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For clients outside Belgium and the Netherlands
we have an international program.

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Who is The Forex Dictionary

The Forex Dictionary is more than a training center. It is a dedicated team of 10+ experienced coaches. serving clients worldwide from our office in Antwerp (BE). In the near future we will open offices in other parts of the world.

Our mission is to provide people with the knowledge and skills to master Forex trading. We believe in the power of personal coaching and community building to help our clients achieve their dreams.

More about us

Anthony Swolfs

Anthony is the dynamic CEO and mentor of The Forex Dictionary (TFD), and the embodiment of growth and dedication. His personal approach to each client and his determination to continually improve himself and his team are the pillars of his leadership. His active lifestyle and belief in open and honest communication emphasize his unique approach to success.

Armani-Rochas Decock

Armani has a dual role as a passionate Co-Founder & Head-Coach. On the one hand he works to develop the mentors within TFD, and on the other hand he trains clients to become successful traders. He combines both a technical and performance mindset to reach these goals. Outside of work, Armani deliberately seeks disconnection by finding peace in nature.

Rha Demets

Office & HR Manager Rha is a warm and engaged team member. She is driven by her passion for helping others and ensures smooth operations within the company. Outside of work, Rha finds balance and strength in yoga and pilates, which reinforce her helpful and positive attitude.

Kevin Peeters

Lead by example. Kevin is convinced of the fact that a good mentor should be a role model. He focuses on teaching solid, basic Forex skills & the right, patient mindset to deal with ups & downs. In addition to that is networking a crucial link to keep honing his skills.

Bjorn Cornelissens

Ambition, discipline and a positive mindset. These are the three key features Bjorn applies to succeed in his role as a TFD mentor. He helps people to become profitable and supports them on their journey to achieve financial success. Outside of TFD, Bjorn travels the world tot discover local cuisines.

Jorgen Brouckaert

Your financial success is determined by the way you look at life. That's why Jorgen puts a lot of effort into personal coaching to make a lasting impact on his clients. Jorgen also constantly works on himself under the motto: 'you can only take people as far as you've been yourself'. 

Jietse Strubbe

Stagnation is regression. This is why Jietse constantly pushes for personal development, for himself and for his clients. With this mindset, he brings people to a point of becoming the best version of themselves within Forex and beyond.

Nicolas Neuville

Nicolas’ greatest satisfaction is the moment a client makes their first profits with Forex. He draws a tremendous amount of energy from the impact this success has on someone's life. These successes are built on patience, discipline and ambition: the core values Nicolas applies in his role.

Jeroen Abelshausen

Sharing knowledge is a unique gift according to Jeroen. That is why he takes on his role as a mentor with firm conviction. Jeroen’s clients are taught that patience is a virtue: hasty decisions are out of the question. Besides Forex, Jeroen invests in rest: hiking, eating out and enjoying the finer things in life.

Why Do our Clients Choose The Forex Dictionary?

Personal Coaching

Your chances to be successful increase because of our intensive personal coaching. Our Mentors spend time with you to answer any questions you may have and provide additional guidance. They also look at how to fit trading into your lifestyle. This way, your growth in Forex is in line with the things that are important to you.

Practice Safely with Demo Money

You make your first trades in a safe environment with fictitious money. This allows you to become familiar with the strategy and apply the theory in practice without any financial risk. This way you build up confidence and competence before you start trading with your own or external capital.

Your Personal Dashboard

You will have access to a personal online environment. Here you will take classes, do exercises, track your progress and communicate with coaches. You will find everything you need to become successful in Forex trading in one place.

Join our Community

The Forex Dictionary puts a lot of effort in its community. We connect our like-minded alumni through Discord channels. There you will learn from others, get insights into certain market developments and build your network.

Exclusive Events

Those who join the Leadership program receive exclusive access to our all-expenses-paid events. From dinners to weekend getaways, we make sure you get to participate and connect in luxury.

Experienced Coaches

All mentors at The Forex Dictionary have years of Forex experience. They know the markets through and through and derive satisfaction from imparting this knowledge to you.

From Any Location

Learn Forex wherever you are. All exercises, lessons and calls with your mentor take place online. This means you don't have to travel and you can trade from anywhere in the world.

Live Bootcamps

You will attend our live bootcamps in the Antwerp office or online. Here you will learn about various relevant topics together with other clients of your level. This is not only an opportunity for learning, but also for networking with other traders.

What Do our Alumni Think of the Program? Reviews & video cases of successful TFD traders

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Get Monthly Forex Knowledge and Updates

Inspiration, articles and more to increase your chances of making successful trades