Group Mentorship or Leadership. Which Way Will You Learn Forex Trading? 

Both our programs give you a strong theoretical & practical fundamentals for Forex. However, there are some differences. On this page we will help you to choose the best option for you.

Group Mentorship

You will acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge that is essential to be successful in the Forex market.

In addition to your calls with your mentor, you will work independently with exercises and your trades on the Forex market.

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You will acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge that is essential to be successful in the Forex market.

In addition your personal coach and you will build a winning mindset that will determine your strategy on the Forex market. Last but not least, we look at your lifestyle. This is where you bring Forex in harmony with your other goals & ambitions.

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Included in our programs

  • Guidance

    Group Mentorship


  • Personal mentor

    Every week you sit down with your personal mentor. He will guide you through all your questions and make sure you master Forex trading.

  • Forex theory & practice

    You will get all the theory & practice you need to become a successful trader.

  • Performance coaching

    Your coach will pay extra attention to the necessary mindset for successful and rational trading on the Forex market. Together you will build a strategy that allows Forex to pay off in perfect balance with your other priorities.

  • Weekly calls

    During these calls you will discuss questions, exercises, trades done, trades missed. This is how you build up your self-confidence on the market.

  • General evaluations

    Here we analyze your performance irrespective of you technical Forex knowledge. We discuss your mindset & attitude, and search for opportunities to grow as a trader and as a person.

  • Events
  • Kick-off event

    At the start of our program we meet in our Antwerp office. You will meet your fellow course members and get an overview of the coming year. 

  • Live bootcamps

    Every month we organize physical bootcamps in our office. In group we zoom in on different specialized topics and how you can improve as a trader. 

  • Exclusive events

    Get an invitation for our exclusive - all expenses paid - events, such as weekends, dinners...

  • Tools
  • Personal dashboard

    This online platform contains all the theory and exercises bundled together. It’s the central hub of your Forex program.

  • Forex demo platform

    A safe environment to practice your first Forex trades. You make your first trade with fictitious money. Afterwards we analyze what you did well and what you could do better.

  • TFD Discord

    Get access to our Discord There you will learn from others, get insights into certain market developments and build your network.

  • Market breakdowns

    Every Sunday, our experts discuss the current state of the market and spot possible trends according to theory.

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