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Leadership Program Learn Forex and Build Your Trading Mindset with Personalized Coaching

In the Leadership Program, you will become an expert in the technical and practical aspects of Forex in just one year, regardless of your previous financial knowledge. We also encourage your personal growth, coaching you to develop a mindset that allows you to trade confidently.

Why our clients choose The Forex Dictionary

Live Events

Those who join the Leadership program receive exclusive access to our all-expenses-paid events. From dinners to weekend getaways, we make sure you get to participate and connect in luxury.

Personal Coaching

Your chances to be successful increase because of our intensive personal coaching. Our Mentors spend time with you to answer any questions you may have and provide additional guidance. They also look at how to fit trading into your lifestyle. This way, your growth in Forex is in line with the things that are important to you.

Experienced Coaches

All mentors within The Forex Dictionary have years of Forex experience. They know the markets through & through and derive satisfaction from imparting this knowledge to you.

Your Personal Dashboard

You will have access to a personal online environment. Here you follow lessons, make exercises, keep track of your progress and interact with your coach.

Live Bootcamps

Every quarter you join our live bootcamps in the Antwerp office. You and other clients of your level come together to learn about various relevant topics. Here you will deepen your knowledge and network with other traders.

Practice Safely with Demo Money

You make your first trades in a safe environment with fictitious money. This allows you to become familiar with the strategy and apply the theory in practice without any financial risk. This way you build up confidence and competence before you start trading with your own or external capital.

Join Our Community

We connect our like-minded alumni through Discord channels, where you learn from others, gain insights into certain market developments and build your network.

Course Roadmap

In one year you will be an accomplished Forex trader thanks to our strategically structured curriculum.

Kick-off event
We start in our office in Antwerp. You will meet your fellow course members and your coach, and get an overview of the coming year.
You will get acquainted with all the essential basics of Forex trading, such as the main markets, the theory of market patterns, ...
Expert level theory
You will take a deep dive into the technical analysis of the markets, learn to recognize patterns and make your first trades in a safe demo environment.
Practice - demo
Turn theory into practice. Together with your mentor you will build a solid trading plan that you will use to brave the Forex market. 
In the final phase of your course, you work towards making profits on the Forex market with external capital.

Is This Program Suited for You?

The Forex Dictionary's programs are ideal for people with certain ambitions and goals. Through our interaction with clients, we identified four core goals.

A Lifelong Skill

Continuous learning is crucial to be successful. With our Forex programs you will acquire a lifelong skill that will contribute to both your personal and financial growth.

A Diversified Portfolio

Forex offers a unique opportunity to diversify your portfolio, with a balance between stability and volatility. This makes it a great choice alongside stocks, crypto and real estate.

An Additional Income

Our programs equip you with the skills to generate a substantial and stable income through Forex and strengthen your financial security. Which ambitions do you want to achieve with Forex? Talk to us about it during a free introductory interview.

Personal Development

Become the best version of yourself. Through coaching, we turn your personal pitfalls into assets. You will develop a mindset that will help you to find peace of mind in the Forex market and far beyond.

Which ambitions do you want to achieve with Forex? Contact us and request your introductory meeting.

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Included in This Course

Besides all the theoretical and practical knowledge about Forex trading, you get access to the following tools. These have been carefully developed to maximize your chances of success.

Personal Coach

Your personal coach will improve your trading skills week after week and guide you to develop a successful trader's mindset.

Weekly Team Training

In addition to your calls, your mentor hosts weekly team trainings with a combination of theory, practice and interaction with attending clients.

Demo trading platform

Learn without making financial blunders. You make your first Forex trades in a safe demo environment. Analyze your trades afterwards with your coach.

Yearly Leadership Weekends

Members of our Leadership program are invited annually to an exclusive weekend to work on your personal development as a trader.

Monthly Bootcamps

Every month we meet in our Antwerp office to dive into different Forex topics that will help you move forward in your education. International clients have access to a customized program.


Personal Dashboard

Manage your learning journey in your own online course platform with theory, exercises and more.

Sunday Market Breakdowns

Every Sunday, our experts discuss the current state of the market and spot possible trends according to theory.

Personal Coach

Your personal coach will improve your trading skills week after week and guide you to develop a successful trader's mindset.

Exclusive Events

TFD hosts exclusive, all-expenses-paid events for Leadership clients several times a year. These are ideal for networking with peers. Watch one of our aftermovies.



Get access to our Discord. There you will learn from others, get insights into certain market developments and build your network.

International Programs

TFD has clients all over the world. We have custom programs for those who can not personally join us at our offices. Discover them here.

What Do Our Alumni Say About The Forex Dictionary?

What Do Our Alumni Say About The Forex Dictionary?

An Inside Look at the Leadership Program

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have questions about our Leadership program? Discover the frequently asked questions with their answers, or contact us.

Practical Aspects

The course is perfectly compatible with a full-time schedule. Twice a week you will attend calls from your mentor. In addition you will need to invest time in your exercises and theory. Once you are active on the Forex market, you need to commit at least one hour a day.
Before starting the Leadership program, we will check if our offer is a perfect match for you. We assess your commitment, your goals and your ambitions. Your financial investment in the course is also discussed during this introductory meeting.
Certainly, most clients are working full-time. Our course is geared to a professional rhythm and doesn’t compromise your daily commitments. Your time investment will consist of between an hour and an hour and a half per day. You will also have two weekly calls of one hour in the evening.
The big difference between Group Mentorship and Leadership is that Group Mentorship focuses purely on the theory and practice of Forex trading. You will be following lessons in a small group and be given the tools to start trading the Forex markets on your own. The Leadership program has the same basis as the Group Mentorship program. In addition, we focus on personal coaching to work on the right mindset for trading and help you to make forex trading a part of your lifestyle. Last but not least you will also have access to our boot camps.

Financial Impact

Initially you will learn to trade on a demo platform. This allows you to learn your first hard lessons with fictitious money. Once you start trading on the Forex market, you are responsible for your own profits or losses. However, you can also trade with external capital. This gives you access to a certain amount of capital and allows you to keep a certain percentage of what you earn.
Disclaimer: we are by no means responsible for and do not have partnerships with companies that provide external capital.
There is no "minimum" to start trading, although we do not recommend trading with less than €1,000. Members of the TFD community who are consistently profitable may be eligible to become a funded trader through a third party fund. In this case you are trading with external capital and are entitled to a substantial portion of your profits. The Forex Dictionary is not affiliated with third party funds, but many of our clients use these funds to manage larger capital.
- In essence, Forex is trading on the foreign exchange market. This means that you are trading with dollars, pounds, euros and so on. These markets are so large that they are less sensitive to external factors than stocks are. This makes the Forex market a reliable market. It is impossible to make any predictions in terms of profitability. This depends on your own knowledge, skills and commitment. Nevertheless, we see positive results in the vast majority of our clients' portfolios.

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