The Forex Dictionary’s mission is to educate people to generate an extra source of income!

Everyone, every household and every business benefits from an additional income on a regular basis. That is why we at TFD aim to create an army... of traders!

By teaching people and sharing our knowledge, we allow people to become the best they can be and live their dreams. By learning how to move in this fascinating Foreign Exchange markets, our clients fullfil not only themselves; they may very well become inspiring mentors to other aspirants. It’s all about community.

The Forex Dictionary

As of december 2022, our first main office in Antwerp is officially open. This office serves as our headquarters, meaning all of our mentors and teachers can be found there most of the time. Even more importantly: this is where our boot camps and one-on-one meetings take place. Want to meet your mentors or expand your knowledge in person? we gladly welcome you at the center of the TFD community!


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The Forex Dictionary

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At TFD, teamwork does a lot more than just ‘making the dream work’; by sharing all our insights, experience and knowledge, we are able to change your reality. Each member has his own unique skillset for you to build on.



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